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Physical Activity / Safety

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  • VirginiaNavigator's Healthy Choices Solution Center sponsored by Anthem, helps you to make healthy lifestyle choices at any stage of your life!

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  • Interested in everyday benefits of exercise? Read this detailed article describing the health benefits and overall benefits of exercise.

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  • If you are having problems sleeping, staying focused, or not having a lot of energy, daily exercising can make a change in your life. Not only will you have lots of energy, you will be able to stay focused, lose weight, and get a good nights sleep.

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  • Go4Life is an initiative from the National Institute on Aging focusing on exercise in four categories: aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility.

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  • While many seniors think their days of strength training are in their past, building muscle mass and strength offers a surprising number of benefits for seniors. Read about the benefits and get exercising!

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