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New Year, New Outlook!

Are you a caregiver to a friend or family member? As we begin a new year, our thoughts often turn to making new resolutions.  Resolve to engage in activities that may give you a break, also called respite, from the physical and emotional strain of caregiving.

Have you focused so much on your care partner, that you’ve let yourself get out-of-shape?  Small changes in lifestyle including physical exercise and our diet can help us feel  better and become healthier. It can be as simple as taking a walk in your neighborhood or adding fruit and vegetables to our diet. 

Are you participating in a support group?  If not, connect with those who understand what you’re going through. To find a support group near you, visit our “Quick Search” enter “support group” and your zip or City/County.  Remember to laugh—laughter can provide an outlet for feelings of stress and anxiety and helps us look at a situation from a new perspective.  Wishing caregivers throughout Virginia the best in 2013!